Emotion Health & Psychophysiology Laboratory

Professor Wendy Berry Mendes

Wendy Berry Mendes is the Sarlo/Ekman Professor of Emotion at UC San Francisco. She obtained a Ph.D. in social psychology from UC Santa Barbara in 2003 and then completed a post-doctoral training program in psychology and medicine at UC San Francisco. In 2004 she became an assistant professor of psychology at Harvard University and was promoted to associate professor in 2008. She accepted her current position at UCSF in 2010. Her research questions sit at the intersection of social, personality, and biological psychology and primarily concern questions regarding embodiment - how emotions, thoughts, and intentions are experienced in the body and how bodily responses shape and influence thoughts, behavior and emotions. Some current research areas include coping with stigma and discrimination, dyadic intergroup interactions, affect contagion, mind-body relations across the life course, influence of emotional labeling on emotional experience, and effects of stress on decision-making. Professor Mendes won the Gordon Allport prize in 2008 for the best paper on intergroup relations, the Sage Young Scholar Award for early career contributions in social psychology in 2009, the Janet Spence Award for early career transformative contributions in psychological science in 2011, and for five consecutive years (2006 – 2010) she was named one of Harvard undergraduates “Favorite Professors.”